Impression: Publication Studio Culture

Second year not only means we’re all another £9,000 in debt but we’re at the point where we can choose which studio we want to be in. I’ve chosen the Impression Studio so I can explore publishing in the design industry.

Hannah Phillips | 2016 | Hato Printing

Once we were in the studio it was time to leave it to visit professional studios in London. First up on our walk about was to Hato, which is an independent printing and publishing house. I really liked the atmosphere in the risoprinting studio as it was buzzing with collaboration which was something we only briefly touched upon last year.

Hannah Phillips | 2016 | magCulture

Our trip to magCulture was very different because it actually wasn’t a studio but a shop selling a range of independent and beautifully designed magazines. However while we were there Jeremy Leslie – magCulture’s creative director – spoke with us about their online platform, shop and studio. I found the ideas behind the studio inspiring because it was clear to see how the design team worked across physical and digital publication design. This is something I really want to explore in the Impression Studio this year because I feel like this creates a strong brand.

Hannah Phillips | 2016 | Fedrigoni

Last but not least we visited Fedrigoni which left me wanting to spend the afternoon stroking beautiful paper. It showed me the importance of considering the materials which we design on and with. I’d really love to have shelves where we keep sample books and materials in our own studio as a go to library. After creating my A-Z of Dogs last year this is something I know I need to consider more as I made the rash decision in choosing paper without seeing it in person which let me down.

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