Spotlight: Lucy Miners

After the Summer break we are back to regularly scheduled Spotlight posts! The first artist I’m looking at is our very own Lucy Miners, so enjoy her work and her answers to a few questions I had for her regarding the year ahead.

Tell me about your personal approach to illustration.

I love fineliner drawings, I could go crazy with fine liner erm, forever! I like black and white drawing but I like colour as well.. Basically I just love pens! I don’t like thinking about what I’m illustrating too much. I like to just be free and I love a bit of life drawing. I love doing people as my subject, myself as my subject! I just enjoy people and fast drawing with lots of movement.


Spontaneous drawings, with colour, movement and people!

Did you find it difficult having imposed restrictions?

It’s like torture if a brief isn’t how I want it to be, like if I get an idea in my head and I can’t do what I want cause it has to be done in a certain way but in the end I can work my way around it and adapt.

Artwork by Lucy Miners | Photography by Hannah Phillips | 2016

Do you think working in a studio will encourage collaboration?

Yeah, erm it will be good to practise that because I’m not very good at collaboration, I like doing my own thing but I hope so!

What do you hope to achieve this year working in the studio?

Unleash and unlock a whole new range of skills and styles and types of illustrations. Erm yeah I just wanna try a load of new things and just basically discover that I am actually a genius and I have an amazing talent hidden.

Could you tell me about the experiences you’ve enjoyed so far at London Met.

I have loooved doing the life drawings because it’s my favourite sort of art and I’ve enjoyed any of the work where we’ve drawn somewhere else. There was a time we had to draw on the tube and I was drawing a man and he was drawing me back which was really funny.

Check out her blog here!

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