Impression: First Term Briefs

The Impression Studio is going to work as our own publication house for the year and our first brief and side brief really highlight this. With collaboration throughout the group our studio dynamic should be buzzing with creativity in no time!

The first brief will have us create folded poster zines which are focused around contemporary design publishing from our perspectives in London. I’m looking forward to the finished zines as we will give each other an edition of our posterzine to put together and create our own binding systems to collect the publications.

Alongside this, we will be creating a visual identity for the Impression Studio’s publishing imprint. As a studio we will be looking at our personality and principles in order to work together to reflect on and investigate innovation in publishing and design.

A concept new to the Impression Studio this year is Show & Tell. Well not new because this used to be my favourite thing in primary school, I would bring in the same plush Scooby Doo dressed as an investigator every week.. However this time Show & Tell is all based around design and for the first week we looked at layout design. I chose to look at Ladies of Animation.

Artwork by Mingjue Helen Chen in ‘Ladies of Animation’ | Photograph by Hannah Phillips

We all agreed that a book on animation was difficult to create because it took the movement and dynamic out of the art. But I found that the page in question was the best layout in the book for displaying the artwork. With the art spread across both pages it gives us the ability to take in the work as I found some of the other pages more full on and squashed the art. In many ways the other pages tried to fit in too much work with overloaded the page and in my case actually put me off of reading the text in the book. With creating a book about animation I think the layout needs to give frames and work more space on a page so the reader can appreciate the art.

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