CIP: First Term Brief

Creative Industry Practise is a new one for Level 5s this year and already it looks to be a challenging but exciting class that will put our illustration and graphic design in the context of the real world design industry.

In all honesty it was a bit too much thinking so early in the day but it was definitely worth it! The class got us looking at our own visual identity and what our personal logo marks could be. Before we started designing marks we had to come up with our strengths and weaknesses in order to influence the mark making process. Creating 15 designs in the space of an hour is extremely difficult, especially when you have written one of your weaknesses is being indecisive.. But I got there even if a few we very weak shapes/forms. The next challenge will be to choose a final design and work this up but stay tuned because I will make it happen!

Logo Designs by Hannah Phillips

At the end of the session we were given our first brief: Pastiche 1560. During this project we are to create a video clip in critical response to a designer of influence and importance to ourselves and in doing so we will be exploring social media. I’m looking forward to this brief because at the moment I’m using social media too personally (as beautiful as my dogs are I know they aren’t going to help me get hired.. well @readdogmag who I discovered as MagCulture actually reposted a photo of my little lump but I won’t let the fame get to his head). It’ll also be good to explore the Adobe packages a little  deeper too!

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