Impression: Made You Look

In the studio today we watched ‘Made You Look’ which showed us the relationship between digital and analogue practises. Designers told their stories of what drew them to the industry and how they use digital and physical methods in creating work.

Due to the digital age many designers are turning to mediums that take them away from their computers. Printing is something to cherish as it isn’t invisible data on the cloud. I found it refreshing to hear that digital and analogue practises can be used together rather than the thought of letterpress, screen printing and printing dying out to the rise of tablets and technology.

Below are some of the questions we thought about while watching the piece:

Why do you think the film was made? To give insights into the process, work and inspiration of illustrations and designers, and how this has changed in the digital age. What were the key messages of the film? You don’t need to know how to draw to make artwork, if you are passionate and care about what you are producing then you are a designer!

Who were the most interesting interviewees and why? We all agreed that Hattie Stewart was the most interesting interviewed because of her views on the designs and her attitude. She was clearly passionate about her work in the industry. Who do you think the film is aimed at? It is mainly focused towards designers and design students. It seems very reassuring but also it could work well as a video to help people understand what goes into illustration and design and why we pursue it.

What do you think the filmmakers could have done differently or better? Soundtrack. The music was too emotional and confused the meaning of the video. The editing of the film was odd, there was too much space between the interviews at the beginning and then not enough towards the end.

If you’re interested in watching the film or having a read of the website click here.

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