Impression: Visual Identity

Today we began looking at branding and how we would create the visual identity for our Impression Studio.

In a Show & Tell session we each presented a brand and explored their identity. I chose to look at Powerleague, a company which aim to provide a legendary service to its customers of five a side football. The company have actually rebranded their visual identity in 2016. Previously their logo consisted of Powerleague and Lucozade (their sponsor) slapped together in an unthoughtful design.

Old Powerleague Logo Design | New Powerleague Logo Design | Fairlop’s Individual Club Logo

I’m slightly biased because I actually work for Powerleague but I love the new design for the company. The visual identity is now sleek and everything is connected as one. The crest is the company’s coat of arms and every club has it’s own design. For example, Fairlop’s coat of arms bears the design of the Fairlop Oak which is where Fairlop gets its name from. The designs of most crests actually links the club to the local area which makes them the home of local football. I think looking at Powerleague you can see that good design can really strengthen a visual identity and help a company reach certain goals. This is an interesting link, giving an overview on the ideas behind the rebrand and this is the company Music who designed the logos and identity.

Powerleague Website Banner Design

Once we looked at visual identity for existing brands we worked on our own identity and began creating logos. We had an hour to create a few ideas and as much as I hate working at a rushed pace I really enjoyed what other people had thought of and it give me a basis of where to start. I am going to try and push ‘Im in press’ further so maybe there’s a stronger link to ‘Impression’.


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