CIP: Personal Visual Identity

Once the first session of Creative Industry Practise was over I had around twenty different rough logo designs. Some workable and others not so.. However I needed to finish one as my own personal visual identity in order to create a business card, comp slip and letterhead.

Although I already had plenty of designs, I created a moodboard in order to cement some ideas and think about colours I could use for my logo because even though I know I need it to work in black and white I would like a coloured logo. I placed various blue textures onto my board as it is my favourite colour so it wouldn’t make sense as anything else. I’ve also put a few elements from my logos on the page as some of them were strong objects or designs.

Moodboard by Hannah Phillips

Next was developing my logos a little further than I had in class. For this I selected my two favourite designs and thought about how they would work on social media and on a business card.

I think the dog logo design is too niche and made it look like I only draw dogs (which some day I hope is the case..). So I thought about the arrow further as it is more representative. From my sketches I than drew the arrow on an app to then transfer onto photoshop. I then layered the mark with a texture. Rather than leave my logo as a mark I decided to add type so my name was included on the design and could be the type I then use on the business card and so forth.

Overall I’m happy with the design as the set look like a good starting block. From this I would need to see how the design looks in different situations such as social media.

Business Card & Logo Design by Hannah Phillips | 2016

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