CIP: Market Ready Brief

We had Nik Hill visit the studio today as our first guest speaker of the year and ex-Cass student. The studio was also set another exciting brief and our first real collaborative project.

First up Nik Hill talked us through his whirlwind five years after leaving the Cass. From freelancing to studio work for major movies to today opening his own online jewellery store! It was interesting to see his approach and get some advice. My favourite quote from him was “you can’t polish a turd” as he was explaining if you don’t have good design ideas then there’s no point in having knowledge and understanding of various tools such as the Adobe packages!

We were given another brief for CIP but this time it was a group brief. So in groups we are creating a pitch for a stall which will go live in December. This session we were getting in our groups and creating our identity and thinking about the products we could sell. We come up with our product ideas pretty quickly but our name was tricky. As a group our naming process was a bit of a mess so Ee looked up synonyms for ‘mess’ and stumbled across ‘gum up’ so that’s what we became!

Logo Design by Ee Teh | Photography by Hannah Phillips

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