Impression: Anatomy of a Magazine

The Anatomy of a Magazine looks at the study of the structure and internal workings of the page and today were were focused on the cover and layout of the spreads.

Our new library is a maze. I didn’t actually realise that the journals and magazines were on the third floor until today. Once we were there in pairs we were to audit a cover and spread in a choice of magazine. I looked at Varoom! magazine and their spread on Gemma Correll.

Varoom! Magazine Spread Photographed by Hannah Phillips

The magazine was made up of a cheap newsprint which allowed the creators to play with the space available to them. The title of the article has been given a whole page with the standfirst a lot smaller but a larger point size to the main article. It’s laid out like a newspaper with the folios across the top of the sheet. On the interior spines there are CYMK marks which are linked to the newspaper printing process which I think make the design much more human.

In the afternoon we were back in our pairs to redesign a conventional magazine cover. Me and Jubedha were looking at wildlife magazines and their extremely busy covers. As we can see below conventional magazine covers have their titles, taglines, lots of images and an array of colour.

Animal Planet, Wildlife & World of Animals Magazine Covers

We wanted to keep our cover minimal but also create a design that would enable people to identify which animal the issue was focusing on. In able to do this we only wanted to include: title, barcode, price, date, issue number, a pattern and an animal silhouette.

Design by Hannah Phillips & Jubedha Akther | Photograph by Hannah Phillips

After actually completing our mock up cover I found loads of things I wanted to change. One of these being the size of the logo (and logo design but hey we only had an hour). Although I wanted the animal and pattern to be the highlight of the cover I think the sizing of the logo makes it look a bit out of place. We also placed the barcode at the top of the page to make it look different but I don’t think breaking the rules with this was the greatest idea as the top left corner is the first place your eyes are drawn so it’s a bit of an eyesore.

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