Impression: London Publishers

For the Publishing Unbound brief I needed to find a basis for my article before I could start designing and forming visual ideas.

I had really loved Hato Press when we visited their studio but I wanted to explore somewhere new and use the research time to uncover studios myself and the rest of Impression hadn’t heard of before to keep the article fresh and exciting. I spent a couple of days researching different publishing houses based in London and had a page of my top choices in my sketchbook. These included Pushkin Press, Persephone Books, London Book Arts and NoBrow Press.

  • Pushkin Press: Publishes the world’s best stories, to be read and read again. They work on design from the paper, the binding, the typeface inside, the positioning on the textblock amongst other details. Unlike other publishing websites it doesn’t look outdated!
  • Persephone Books: Harbour female creativity all books are reprinted books. They believe books should look beautiful because it is important to take pleasure from how they look and feel.
  • London Book Arts: An artist run, open-access studio providing education programmes for the community and access to resources for artists, designers and makers.
  • Nobrow Press: Sought to make great design, ground breaking art, luscious production and environmental consciousness central to the mission.

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