Impression: Identity & Article Review

In the Impression Studio we currently have two briefs that we have been working on and today in small groups we had a review session.

First up was looking at our visual identity routes for the studio. I had thought that ‘IM IN PRESS’ was my strongest concept but it was actually the more abstract design that the group selected. We discussed using Illustrator to create a final version and it was apparent no one from Level 5 really had any idea how to use it so Angharad told us to look at to find some tutorials for creating logos. The next stage for me is to then select types and colours to pair with the logo design.

Logo Designs by Hannah Phillips

After this we then looked into article ideas. I actually looked into four different publishers but I loved the design process behind Pushkin Press‘s book design and website so Angharad suggested emailing them to see if I could interview the team.

Pushkin Press Website Design

The feedback we got as a group was our presentation of ideas. So I am going to create a layout on inDesign which I can then use whenever I need to present this year. This way even if I’m putting a presentation together the night before (I mean I definitely don’t do that) I’ll have a professional, put together presentation.

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