CIP: Video Storyboarding

Today we looked at the idea of camera stills making up a film. We were introduced to Chris Marker and his film La Jetée which I’m going to look at soon as I’m curious about photo montage working as a movie.

So we were back into our Market Ready groups and then split into 2 subgroups: the film team and the edit team. Me and Ee were in the film team so it was our chance to gather information for our own short photo montage. We were looking at creating a film based on wayfinding. An a-z from the classroom to the Hot House lecture room. Ee and I walked our route once without a camera and then again to take a photo stills. Last year I had used a really simple stop motion app so we used this to make sure our photos showed the route effectively (which it didn’t, we had to take a couple more frames for it to play out correctly).

While we were gathering information the rest of our group were being taught Adobe Premier which they were to then teach us. From the few steps we were shown the basics of the programme look like Adobe After Effects. Overall I thought our video was effective in wayfinding as it wasn’t obscure, but rather simply got from a to z.

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