Hothouse Talk: Alistair Hall

Funnily enough I have already heard today’s Hothouse Talk given by Alistair Hall as he is one of our tutors in the Impression Studio. He has produced work for Penguin and his own studio as well as get involved in the world of monsters…

I feel like We Made This is Alistar’s most important ongoing project. His blog has enabled him to meet designers, talk about what he loves and maybe most importantly find people with the same interests as him. In 2008 he came across Dave Egger’s TED Talk in which he discussed 826 Valencia which is a Pirate Store on the shop front and then above the shop is a writing environment for children. In response to this, Alistair and a group he had met through his blog created Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in 2010.

Not only are the products for monsters but so is the website (well us humans can get on the site too) as there is a translator tool which changes the site for Vampires, Mummies, Werewolves and Zombies. Everything is wonderfully designed by the team and inspires children to write!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Website Homepage

I think one of my favourite things I have learnt from Alistair is appropriation isn’t actually always a negative thing if you’re adapting design for your own purpose. For example the typography and layout design for some of the monster products are inspired by old pharmaceutical labels and leaflets but reimagined for the use of monsters!

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