Impression: Poster Type

For the Publishing Unbound brief we are creating a poster zine and the poster itself will be typographic, so today we explored the construction of letter forms in 2D and 3D, we then applied that to a poster (or tried to in some cases).

The aim of today’s session was to choose a letter and develop the letter to create a poster. We were then to make this two dimensional. In my case I cut my A out of card and drew this from an angle to see the raised effect the card gives the form. I didn’t like the outcome of this as I think my drawn image could have been created with the cardboard. With more time it would have been good for me to have developed the cardboard into more of a structure to draw.

Photograph by Hannah Phillips

My two dimensional form on the other hand was much stronger. I was using the letter A but I abstracted the form so it looked more like 2 triangles than the letter structure we are used to seeing. I then experimented with the idea of the 2D shape. First of all I sprayed ink on and around the forms, removed the card and this gave me the white space of the letter and the ink surrounding, I liked this idea as the letter form was the negative space and it filled the poster page up effectively.

Poster (Right) by Hannah Phillips

After this I then put blue paint on the card so I could then print. However as I had used the spray ink it had sunk into the material so the blue paint mixed in with this and I didn’t get the result I wanted. Then as I couldn’t use the cardboard triangles any longer I switched over to paper and cut out the letters again.

Print by Hannah Phillips

With the paper cut outs I tried to cover as much of the poster as possible so there wasn’t too much white space. In this instance I found the poster with the triangle scraps in the background more interesting although I think that the letter form is probably abstracted too much.

Poster (Right) by Hannah Phillips

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