Impression: Pushkin Press

After researching a number of London based publishing houses I decided to base my zine on Pushkin Press. I was then going to focus in on their Vertigo imprint and Jamie Keenan’s book designs for the series.

We are delighted to announce the launch of Pushkin Vertigo, our brand new crime imprint. Starting in September 2015 the imprint will publish crime classics from around the world, focusing on tours-de-force works written between the 1920s and 1970s by international masters of the genre, with spine-tingling jackets designed by Jamie Keenan. Collect them all, and create your dream (or should that be ‘nightmare’?) library of enjoyable, gripping and classy mysteries and thrillers…

Pushkin Vertigo Screenshot

After reading their website, press releases and various websites I knew I wanted to write about the design that goes into Pushkin books. I felt that Vertigo was stand out as Jamie Keenan worked on the first set of books as well as the logo. I really like the design elements of these books and I have a few ideas about what I could do with the zine design.

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