Impression: Typography & Layout

In the studio today we looked at typography and what you need to consider when using type in layout design. Not everyone in Impression made it in for today’s session and at one point I didn’t think I’d make it out alive..

To start off with Alistair gave us an introduction into typography. We were shown photographs of the Gutenberg Bible, which was the first major print book created using movable type in the 1450s. I find it incredibly interesting that there are still copies in existence, around 160 copies were produced and around 48 survive over 550 years on. We also looked at what to consider when using type in design:

  1. Choosing a typeface.
  2. Line length.
  3. Point size and hierarchies.
  4. Leading.
  5. Tracking.
  6. Kerning.
  7. Ligatures.
  8. Apostrophes vs Inch Marks.
  9. Spaces between sentences.

After looking at typefaces and letterforms we then looked at magazines and began deconstructing their layouts. I was looking at an issue of NME and I found this task incredibly difficult as the type and images are all over the place and there looks like there are two different layouts happening on each page – one grid for the images and another for the text. As we were going to recreate these grids in the afternoon on inDesign I chose to then look at a simpler spread as I’m not yet an Adobe master!

Layout Recreations by Hannah Phillips

Part of the deconstruction process was to place tracing paper on the spreads and rule out the grids that they would have been designed on. This was so we could then reconstruct the spreads on inDesign and I think I was quite successful with this. If I were to add in imagines I think the spreads would look similar to the pages I looked at.

Overall I thought this was a really good exercise for understanding grids and visualising them on existing spreads. Plus it has solidified the skills I learnt in inDesign last year and I’ve finally learnt how to actually place and move images on the programme!

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