CIP: Gum Up Development 

You know when you’re suddenly hit with just how long (or not) you have left on a project.. Well today was that day..

In our Market Ready groups we were given the session to develop our ideas and brand further. With the help of a guide pack we worked through a number of questions in order to solidify some of our ideas and products.

In our Facebook group we had discussed creating goodie bags, each one of us would design something in the bag. With a group of seven this would mean we would have someone design the bag and then six items in each bag. After thinking about costs and prices and time we understood that this would be too much to ask, we don’t want the price to hinder the selling of our products so we instead decided on three products: stickers, cards and prints.

We also thought about the display of our goods and the stall. I’m pretty excited about the ideas behind the stickers as we are thinking of having a large ‘sweet jar’ for them to be displayed in and paper sweet bags to give it a pic’n’mix feel! (Sweets because gum.. Gum Up.. We’re just so funny..).

The next step for us is to now finalise everyone’s designs and check Hato Press’s printing prices out as we wanted to use the risoprinter and the colours we need are not available at the university. We will also start putting our process up on Instagram as we have made a page to promote the team and the event.

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