CIP: La Jetée by Chris Marker

In our CIP session we were told about Chris Marker and his short film La Jetée. The idea that a film could be created entirely by photographic stills was extremely interesting to me because we know about stop motion to animate but I was unsure how still photos could animate movement and tell a story.

La Jetée is constructed almost entirely from optically printed photographs playing out as a photomontage of varying rhythm. It contains only one brief shot (of the woman sleeping and suddenly waking up) originating on a motion-picture camera, this due to the fact that Marker could only afford to hire one for an afternoon.

The stills were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic and the motion-picture segment was shot with a 35mm Arriflex. The film has no dialogue aside from small sections of muttering in German and people talking in an airport terminal. The story is told by a voiceover (which I couldn’t understand or find an English sub for!).

Overall the concept of creating a movie in such a way is extremely interesting and is definitely a good route for the  project brief.

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