Letterpress: Hothouse Brief

Last year I spent a few of my Wednesdays in the Letterpress room with Kim. Using type physically is pretty great, and enables you to think about the letterforms more so than if you were using digital type.

The first brief given to the Letterpress group was to create the front and back to Hothouse leaflets. These were to be “Design” and “One letter at a time,” as well as “Upside Down” and “Left to Right”. So in the 2 hours, the three of us in came up with designs for the four of these and had a mini crit between us in order to work what we were to then take further for the final design. By the end of the session we had the designs sorted and it’s now a case of putting the designs together physically with type for us to then print 300 runs next Friday..

Sketchbook by Hannah Phillips

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