Impression: Zine Layout & Design

In order to produce the zine in a mass print I was looking at letterpress, lino and digitally creating the design. I used my sketchbook to test methods and draw out design ideas.

One method of designing my zine I was going to look at was lino cutting. As photographed below I created a design with the word ‘Pushkin’ before I remembered that the design is reversed, so I would then need to scan in the design and flip the design in order to be read. While I like the method I would have to hand render the type and if the headers where linocut and I used the computer to write the article then they would be reverse. One would be a black background, white letters when the other is a white background, black letters. This didn’t inspire me to continue with the zine design using linocut so I looked at another way of creating my zine.

Lino Design by Hannah Phillips

The method of print I had my heart set on was letterpress, however I can’t get into the room until after the deadline so I found a font online and digitally created the design. Below the cover to my zine is pictured, I’ve kept all the headings in this font and tried to keep everything simple. The cover is based on my sketches at the top of the post.

Cover Design by Hannah Phillips

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