Letterpress: Hothouse Outcome

We got our brief last week and today was the day we were coming in to start the printing process. After our last session Kim had printed up our designs with the type we had chosen in order to speed the process along and try and get everything finished before the deadline!

During the session we had to set “Letterpress Printing at the Cass, London E1” and in order to do this we tested two types in upper and lowercase. Once we had something physically in front of us it was clear we needed to have “London E1” on its own line, the problem was to avoid giving all the attention to this line as we felt “Letterpress Printing at the Cass” was the main point.

Once the type was set we were shown how to use the platen press. This is a smaller machine which can be used for business cards and other small publications. We had around 150 sheets to then print on which once we got into the swing of it didn’t take too long to produce. From this session I learnt a lot about the new machine and it’s ease in producing letterforms once there is enough ink on the rollers and pressure on the paper!

I’m pretty impressed with our outcomes although it’s a shame we couldn’t get all the designs finished in time. I think it was good in showing you can achieve something simple but effective in short periods.

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