CIP: Market Ready Practise

Working in groups is difficult! When you’re on your own, your vision is the way to go, it’s going to be the outcome. Working in a group however is everyone putting loads of ideas forward or not in some cases (not my group I love you guys). So putting a PowerPoint together is even harder!

The actual presentation in front of the group would have crippled me with fear years ago but now I find it interesting to talk in front of people because you get their opinions on your work. We presented everything we had ready up until this point. The feedback could have sounded brutal if it wasn’t what we knew we needed to do.

As a group we understand we need to polish up our designs and create a more solid and consistent brand. Once we go to our riso-printing session on Monday we are going to spend the day working together rather than Facebook messaging each other at random times of the day!

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