Impression: Creative Visual Editing

There are so many elements that make up producing a publication! I’ve not really thought about all these components until working in Studio Impression and today’s session was thinking about another one of these elements.

First of all we looked at John Berger, he is a name that I have heard before in CCS but he’s always been mentioned and I’ve never thought to look him up. That changed with us taking a look at two episodes of his Ways of Seeing television show (it was proper old school but well worth a watch). The final episode of the serious is below and demonstrates that much like oil painting, marketing and the media show us life. But marketing doesn’t show a reflection of your life but rather the dream, the glamour you could own. It’s a thought provoking piece but also very relevant to publishing because it’s important what images are chosen in a piece as they must relate to the context of the article.

After watching the video we were working on a mini-brief as a collective. The aim was to gather images that told a story of what we had all learnt about publishing in our posterzine research. Working as a group we had to then edit this into a concertina formatted book. I found it fun working in the group as we all got to make an input and we all just work as a collective. It’ll be great to see everyone’s work together when our finished poster zines are complete!

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