CIP: Market Ready Finalisation

Our feedback last Thursday left us with a lot of things to improve on, most of which we already knew needing completing so not giving up we went to the library as a group to help each other finish our designs and think about what Gum Up is.

One of our first aims was to finish our designs. When we presented last week they were either unfinished sketches or they didn’t look like they belong to Gum Up. For me it was a case of only having made sketches, so Cameron showed me how to put these into Illustrator and digitalise the designs. After I did this it was easy to then place the bubblegum pink and mint green into the designs to bring them into the Gum Up branding.

After this it was a case of completely remaking the presentation. Our problem last time was that we had too much text. Now some may argue we don’t have enough but that is why we’re going to include a pricing pack with our key elements to give out the the group watching us pitch. The slides are now visual and some us up quite clearly. The key to our presentation is me and Cameron being confident enough in our understanding of Gum Up to not need lots of text to read from.

I’m much happier with our presentation now and I think it shows the importance of coming together and working on things in the same room as ideas are easier to communicate and you can help out team members and learn new things from them.

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