Impression: Zine Collation Research

Before I started looking into ways to collate all the zines together as a set I had an idea. However my idea was to create a wooden box and I don’t think I could pull this off on my own, I definitely would have needed the help of my Grandad. So with the help of Pinterest I started some visual research.

From my sketchbook below, I was most set on creating the box in the middle of the left page. I thought this would be an alternative to the wooden box and still look quite effective. Although when I thought about making it I wasn’t sure where to start with the materials and to be completely honest I thought it would come out looking quite DIY and not particularly in a good way…

So after talking myself out of creating the wooden box and the container box, I was searching through some more visuals while thinking about what I want the collation device to do. Where some people in the studio are hit and miss with coming in I wanted to create a device that I would be able to expand and add more zines to rather than something more certain such as binding. This led me to look at how to incorporate elastic into the device as it is expandable and I can adjust the collation of the zines.

Sketchbook by Hannah Phillips

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