Impression: Zine Printing

Perfecting the zine involved spending a lot of printing credit but thankfully I still had credit on my account from last year. 

Once I had my finished article layout I placed it onto an a3 sheet along with my cover design and poster. Then I printed the a3 on plain white paper to work out if everything had been placed on the document correctly.

Draft Zines by Hannah Phillips

So the photograph above shows three of the printed outcomes, each of them had to change ever so slightly. Firstly the poster opened out upside down and the other changes were ensuring the article was central on the page rather than overhanging! Without printing draft copies the finished zine would have been riddled with mistakes so when creating something digitally it is important to print drafts and changes rather than just what you think the finished outcome will be.

To then print the final design I feed my sheets of blue paper from the London Graphic Centre into the library printer and printed my photoshop document straight onto them. Then it was simply a case of folding down the paper and hand numbering each of the finished zines.

Article by Hannah Phillips

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