Making a Living: Handsome Frank Illustration Agency 

Part of the Making a Living Week talks included the Handsome Frank Illustration Agency and we were given a brilliant talk from one of the co-founders Tom. He had so much knowledge to share with us and I regret not recording everything for later reference!

So the agency is a brain child of a pub conversation between the co-founders Tom and Jon (cousins and grandchildren to Frank)! They keep things personal even though they have illustrators and designers across the globe.

I found this talk particularly interesting because it had me consider the role of agents when you are an illustrator, how they can help you select briefs and manage the financial side of the business such as chasing bills and creating contracts. For me it’s really opened my eyes as I have only been looking at illustration in the context of creating my own zines, publications, prints and other products rather than creating a piece of design for a company’s campaign.

I also enjoyed Tom discussing portfolio viewings because I love physical work which is why I chose to work in the Impression studio this year. Again the talk opened my eyes a little because since joining London Met I haven’t had a ‘proper’ portfolio and while I was proud of my portfolio I used when I was interviewed for uni that no longer represents my design and way of thinking.

If you need to find some inspiration, check out their website and browse their designers!

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