Making a Living Week: Will Hudson

Kicking off Making a Living Week was Will Hudson from It’s Nice That, Printed Pages, Anyways and Lecture In Progress (he’s a busy guy!). I feel like this talk was a long time coming as it was through the Cass that I’d learnt about It’s Nice That and we often refer to them during projects.

It was pretty cool hearing about all the different ventures Will has undertook since university. He gave us background on each of these but for me it was Printed Pages that stood out. Before the current Print Pages, It’s Nice That tried to produce a magazine with a much limited success. It’s important to realise that even It’s Nice That had their drawbacks but they stuck with it and now they produce the bi-annual magazine alongside their other blog and other projects.

One of the important things I took away from Will’s talk was to be consistent and create habits, these are important!

It’s Nice That website screenshot

To take a look at some of Will’s projects visit Printed Pages, It’s Nice That, Anyways and Lecture In Progress.


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