Making a Living Week: Crowdfunding for Creatives

The second half of Making a Living Week pairs itself perfectly with our Creative Industry Practice class. The talks today were extremely useful in consolidating information on crowdfunding, branding and social media as well as opening my eyes to new information in relation to finances.

Crowdfunding: One platform for crowdfunding is Kickstarter and it is something I’m familiar with as I’ve recently pledged to ‘Project Pink: Pinups, Pink and Ink’ by Morghan Gill. It’s a great way to build your brand and following as through the pledging and updates you communicate with an audience, bring them over to your other platforms and encourage them to engage in your creative journey.

Screenshot from Morghan Gill’s Kickstarter Project

One piece of advice we were given in regards to crowdfunding was to be organised and thorough with your product because that way you can answer everyone’s questions as well as sell your product! An important note to go along with this to calculate all your costs properly so you aren’t left paying out for things that you have promised to customers.

Branding & Social Media: All your accounts on social media should back up the brand of you! This is something I have really been looking into in the last couple of weeks. I was in the process of making my Instagram account just for illustration and design because I didn’t want to remake the account on the site as I have @hannahphillips as my username and do you know how difficult that is?!

Finances: This talk confirmed one thing – always ask yourself ‘What Would Judge Rinder Do?’ Seriously daytime television is awful minus Friends and Judge Rinder. So when we were all advised to make sure we have written contracts and agreements, I knew this already and have looked on a few different contract/agreement template websites already (you never know when you’ll need it as evidence for Judge Rinder.. Or real life court too I guess)!

Screencap from Judge Rinder

One thing that did really open my eyes was keeping receipts and records of everything for the tax year when selling your services and illustrations as I haven’t thought too far into the business and legalities of working as a freelancer.

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