Letterpress: The Cass Open Day

The Cass was open to students today and future designers that are looking to join a Visual Communications course here at London Met, so I spent the morning helping out Kim and getting some more experience in the Letterpress room.

The aim was to have something for students to take away with them in their bag of Cass goodies (gutted I couldn’t walk about and get the amazing freebies on offer)! So Kim, myself and a few first year students printed ‘Left to right’ and ‘Upside down’ from the Letterpress flyers that we had previously made and left the smaller metal type off of the design so students could print that themselves and have a look at the machinery.

After making a batch of these I then experimented with some wooden type for my studio work. I printed ‘Pushkin Press’ and worked on the kerning of the letters, once this was perfected I printed this on the letterpress but I hadn’t realised that the wooden H had worn away and I had to put some paper underneath this in order to get the word to print correctly. Although I wasn’t working on something that I could use on my current project it was great just to experiment and print in order to gain a better understanding of type design as well as problem solve.

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