Hothouse Talk: Grand Visual

Today’s Hothouse talk has been one of many this week, but today was Dan Dawson of Grand Visual who told us to close our notepads, not to take notes and just listen so this blog post may sound brief.

Grand Visual tell stories through digital out-of home, which involves creating interactive and dynamic advertisements. Dan explained that with most of their design they have an initial audience, say shopping mall customers, who they tell stories to. Then there is a further audience who are told the story of the story being told. I think this is bloody brilliant! They’re creating these amazing viral ready stories and as we were shown a promo reel by Dan I recognised one of the clips.

The following video is just one of the many campaigns that Grand Visual have teamed up with Disney to create (and that I had seen before). Much like the talk we got from Russell Weekes this month Dan showed us the importance of the ideas for a brief and worrying about the technicalities of creating it afterwards.

To take a look at more of their campaigns check out their website here.

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