Impression: Letterpress

For the outcome of my posterzine I wanted to be able to use the letterpress room to create the poster, headings and cover. Unfortunately the use of the room wasn’t available until after the deadline for the zine.

As I wasn’t able to use letterpress I had to find the next best method of producing the zine and for me this was to print off the zine designs from the computer onto coloured paper. One thing I had learnt from working in the letterpress room with Kim to produce the ‘Upside Down’ leaflets for the Hothouse was that the paper can do all the work. What I mean by that is I don’t need a zine design with five coloured inks to look effective (plus the brief doesn’t allow us to use more than one colour ink).

Cover Design by Hannah Phillips

The first image on this blog posts shows the letterpressed ‘Pushkin Press’ that I was able to produce after the deadline. I think this looks much more effective than the font I used on the zine although I think I would have had to have printed more than 25 zines in order to have identical posters and articles. Also if I were to have used the letterpress I would have had to have tested out the poster designs a lot more as the font size I had were a lot larger than the sizes of the wooden letters available in the letterpress room. One way I could have gotten around this was to scan in the letters and then manipulated them to produce the design I had in mind.

Being able to have gone back and produced ‘Pushkin Press’ with letterpress helped to see that there was a positive and negative to using this process and not using it to produce my zine didn’t make it any less valuable.

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