Impression: Petcha Kutcha

Twenty seconds. That can feel like a lifetime if you forget what you were meant to say or a blink of an eye if you have lots to talk about. The petcha kutcha presentation was twenty slides, twenty seconds each and it went by so quickly I can’t even remember what I was talking about!

The slides I showed Alistair and Angharad had a few blog posts and plenty of photographs showing my process creating our studio identity and the posterzine. One thing I realised when creating the presentation was I had plenty of work in my sketchbook but not much of it on my blog, so watch this space… Christmas holidays will be dedicated blog time (when it isn’t work and food time).

While they liked my zine I handed in, they loved my letterpress work that I created after the hand in. Alistair advised me to go back to the design of the zine and switch out the type I had downloaded they gave the look of letterpress and use scans of my own prints instead. I think the zine will look much more authentic in its second edition as it won’t be a type imitating letterpress but actual letterpress, even if I have to edit some of it digitally. I am currently in the process of updating the zine. I have printed all of the text and I will be scanning this in and editing the letters over the break.

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