CIP: Paper Puppet Stop Motion

 For me, creating a video is the most challenging thing I could be asked to do because I just don’t know where to start! Do I attempt to create an animation and draw everything frame by frame or create an equally difficult stop motion?

The first thing I wanted to do was look at how I would create a stop motion. Previously when I have made a stop motion I had text on t-shirts and took photographs of the t-shirts being taken off to reveal more text underneath. So I need a way of being able to move characters physically without drawing it frame by frame or it would be just as easy to digitally create an animation.

My first idea was to create paper puppets with detached arms and legs so I am able to move them about without recreating the character each time I need to move them. I created a mock up version of Alice from Alice in Wonderland with card and acrylic paints, then using a stop motion app on my phone I played around with her to make three short tests. I found that to have a set of characters moving together I would need a large space or I would need to scale them down. Another thing I would need to think about is creating a rig of some kind to hold my phone in order to take photos or use my camera on it’s tripod if I had the confidence to take the photos without the help of the stop motion app.

Stop Motion Test by Hannah Phillips

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