Impression: Publishing Unbound Exhibition

It’s already week 11 and we’ve put on our first studio exhibition of the year! Time flies when you’re panicking over deadlines..

Our studio was set up with a reading room containing a book chosen by each student, placards created by half the group, sketchbook pages and our poster zines along with the collation device we all created. I was so proud of the outcome of our exhibition because the boards in our room had been mostly empty during the first term but were buzzing with posters and sketchbook pages for the exhibition. Everyone’s poster zines were fantastic so having the posters hanging with the zines underneath to read looked great and it was lovely seeing students from the other studios so excited by the work we had produced.

After seeing the other group’s exhibitions I was impressed with our outcome as our room showcased the final outcomes in a way you would see in a gallery rather than just having tables filled with sketchbooks and paper scraps, although that approach did work to an extent with the other studios.

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