Hothouse Talk: Alice Moloney

When Alice Moloney came into the Cass today I couldn’t pin where I’d seen her face before. But it was from Will Hudson’s presentation during the Making a Living Week when he had shown us the team working behind It’s Nice That’s Anyways.

I loved hearing from Alice as a fellow illustrator, well no, a creative as she explained. Her role allows her to combine her illustration skills with art direction, research, design and strategy for clients such as Google, Nike and the BBC. She gave us an overview of her career and how she has gotten where she has. Part of her story is rejection she faced early on as an illustrator, which she now sees as a compliment.

You’re not an illustrator, you’re a design who draws.

Paint Project by Active Minds and Alice Moloney

Alice’s standout work for me was Paint Project. She worked alongside Active Minds to create a colouring/painting book for suffers of dementia. The simple idea behind the project is beautiful and it’s pretty cool to see a brief going through research, development and outcome in the real world not just within the walls of education.

To visit her site and learn more about her and her work click here.

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