Impression: Letterpress Poster

In an ideal world I would be able to afford my own letterpress studio and everything I make could then include letterpressed work! Unfortunately though I can only get into the studio on Fridays for a few hours!

I went into the letterpress room with a quote from Ruth Ansel. With this text I wanted to make a poster for my middle page spread. I ended up with pages of experimentation using the quote “Magazines give you an idea of what it was like to be alive at a certain time.” But I struggled to effectively create something in the time I had. So I proofed the quote and Ansel in order to scan in the design when I got home in order to carry on with the letterpress.

Letterpress Development by Hannah Phillips

With the letterpress that was printed successfully I scanned it in and printed it through my printer in order to get a design that lined up correctly and didn’t look like an inky mess. I think with more time in the letterpress room then I could have possibly come up with a design for the monograph but for the sake of deadlines I moved down a different path for my design.

Letterpress Development by Hannah Phillips | 2017

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