Impression: Anthology Brief

After the busy morning of presenting our mini-monograph projects to each other, we were introduced to the Impression Studio’s next brief. Our first brief for a client.

So we are working alongside the English Literature and Creative Writing Department to redesign its bi-annual literary anthology of student writing. The anthology is a selection of the most outstanding work by English Literature and Creative Writing students in the last academic year (2014-15). We are working individually with a specific text from the anthology to create a stand-alone piece; and then as a group on the overall design of the Anthology.

  • Individually: analyse and respond to the assigned text. Research its language, content and context, then develop a visual response. The response can use any visual medium of as long as we can explain the significance of the medium in relation to the content. Printed outcomes must be produced in an edition of at least five. Screen-based outcomes must be at least one-minute.
  • As a group: analyse the format of the literary anthology, assess its function and form, understand the requirements of this particular collection of writing and come up with our own proposal for the design of a modern literary anthology. Research print and production methods and cost the project within the given budget of £500. Produce and publish the finished Anthology and organise an exhibition / launch event in collaboration with the English Lit & Creative Writing dept.

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