Impression: Unbinding the Book

We were introduced to Unbinding the Book where nine designers explored how the reading experience of the printed book can be broadened, extended or enhanced.

Unbinding the Book continues a tradition of artists and designers who have approached books as a medium in their own right. From Futurism to Fluxus, books were crucial in the development of conceptual art, and became a medium that was accessible to artists, designers and their audiences, whilst offering new possibilities in creative expression.

I chose to look at Laura Jouan, who looked into The Architecture of the Book and the physicality, structure and value of graphic mediums. I liked the idea that the book is physically an empty shell for designers to work on.

On the matter of the book and its form, I feel we might miscomprehend the book as a flat medium while it’s actually an object. Yes, a book is compiling text and/or images on to paper (flat) but ultimately it will be manipulated (object). I’m always interested to look at the fine line between those worlds and how they can influence one another.

-Words from Laura Jouan on Grafik.

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