Impression: Alyson Hurst from GFSmith

The second half of our day was an introduction to Alyson Hurst from G F Smith and the possibilities of paper!

She was a wealth of knowledge and brought samples from G F Smith as well as a suitcase of books and magazines that were created using their paper. I love physical design so this was one of my favourite sessions we’ve had so far this year. But as well as just being able see great design, Alyson also helped me to take the following into account.

  • Don’t think about the paper last when designing.
  • Look into Munken paper.
  • Think about ways of folding paper.
  • Coloured paper keeps design consistent.
  • Coated paper allows you to get more detail when printing.
  • Uncoated paper means less detail but a more interesting texture.

Everything we have thought about today will be important for this brief. If we can work paper into the design rather than simply print the designs on paper as its canvas then we would be able to use our budget more effectively; the design of the anthology even sleeker.

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