CIP: Kate Moross

This week in CIP we were given another designer to look at as research for the collection project, and this was Kate Moross.

Kate Moross is an award-winning multi-tasking illustrator, art director, director and designer, she began her journey back in 2008 when her love for colour and energetic squiggles caught the eye of anyone and everyone, spawning a host of imitators and propelling her to be one of the most sought after collaborators in the design world.

Since then Kate has spent her time applying her magic touch to music videos, textiles, identities, murals, fashion and magazine covers for big-time publications. Recently Studio Moross – which she set up to focus on branding, art direction and commercial projects – created the much talked-about tour visuals for One Direction. Despite her busy schedule, Kate always making time to put on her own solo shows and give some sit-up-in-your-seat lectures to large audiences – often bemoaning the overuse of the word “inspiration”.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advert by Kate Moross

It’s clear to see why we were to look at Moross because everything she and her studio create are very much part of her ‘brand’. Her book which is pictured below, along with work she creates such as the advertisement above for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk all use bright popping colours and hand drawn type, her signature is in all the work she produces. When it comes to creating our own Collection portfolio books this same idea needs to be kept in mind. Our identity isn’t just one piece of work but all of our work as a collective.

Make Your Own Luck: A DIY Attitude to Graphic Design and Illustration from Kate Moross

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