Impression: Printing Specs & Production

For us to make an anthology one of the main things that informs how we go about creating the design is the printing and production process of creating the physical book.

This morning Alistair gave us some useful tips for printing, communicating with printers and general information about the product process. I was able to take a page of notes about things I actually didn’t know much about.

Printing Spec Example

One of the stand out things, which I think is one of the most useful other than the spec sheets was getting a ‘wet’ proof, this meant you would get a physical draft of what your book would come out like. For Alistair he usually doesn’t get a ‘wet’ proof, however with his recent book would have actually saved himself money as he would have seen an error in the printing before the whole print run.

Proofs from Alistair Hall’s book design | 2017

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