CIP: Layout Planning

Much like last week we started the session by showing each other our ‘Thought of the Week’ but with fewer people in this didn’t take up too much time. So we dove straight into layout design.

It was mostly an extent of the Impression work we have been doing since the start of the year, which meant that I was able to think about layouts I could use for the Collection book. While doing this I have a few ideas about how I can lay out certain pages. For example to differentiate certain sections of the book I was thinking about having the ‘Thought of the Week’ pages all using the same layout and spread across the book as a kind of marker for various projects.

Sketchbook Page | Hannah Phillips | 2017

After this sessions I’ve thought more about the ordering of the pages and the physical book rather than the actual layout of the pages on a document which I think is very useful at this stage of the project. The flow and pagination of the book should in turn influence the layout of the pages due to what pages will be spreads and which will be on the left and right side, and so forth.

Creative Voices Collection Layout | Hannah Phillips | 2017

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