Impression: Anthology Zines

From talking to our client Trevor from the English Literature Department one of the things that has been apparent to myself and Hannah is we can be pretty free with how we create this Anthology. So we have been looking at ways to mix up the traditional book.

First of all we thought about the elements of the anthology that we wanted to keep and what we wanted to get rid of. This allowed us to then be picky with our visual research and select publications and elements of design that we really like and could work for us.

  • Remove: Bibliography and appendix from texts that have these – the idea is that we can isolate these elements into a separate document such as a zine or a cheap stapled booklet – or remove it all together.
  • Keep: The sections to divide texts, for example Poetry and Literary London – we can divide these within the book or even make each section a different book and find a way to then hold the books together.

These two are key elements for us as we feel that the bibliography and appendix sections are distracting from the array of beautifully written texts and for the writers to take the book(s) to readings they don’t need the elements with them.

So below is a section from my sketchbook which shows books we found and then how we could implement this idea. I think it would be really different to have six staple bound zine-like books that were kept together with a bulldog clip for example with a screenprinted bookmark. This would allow writers to take one of the sections to a reading or multiple sections and it wouldn’t weigh down a bag.

Sketchbook Page

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