Impression: Four Corners Books Publishing Surgery

For the last week and a bit we have been working in our groups to think about print specs and the anthology design. Today we had the chance to visit Four Corners Books to pick their brains and run our ideas past them.

We were met by Richard Embray & Elinor Jansz who run Four Corners Books, I found it amazing they work on all their books rather than a big team being behind all the book designs. Below is some of the key information I picked up from the pair in regards to book design and feedback to our ideas.

  • The more detailed your print specs the better.
  • Limit books to ‘one thrill’.
  • Play around with the clash between the body text and the appendix.
  • Adding in something handmade tells the reader you care about the design and product.

Visit their website here. I would recommend having a look at the site as the use of images is pretty cool as you are able to flick through the book designs without clicking onto separate pages which makes the experience very interactive.

Four Corners Books | About Page | 2017

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