Impression: Kate Gibb

In Studio Impression this week, we are going to be undertaking screenprinting workshops but before that we were given a couple of designers to look at for inspiration, the first of these designers was Kate Gibb.

Kate Gibb has worked as a printmaker and illustrator for over fifteen years. A silkscreen obsessive, her early studies in textiles fuelled her love for colour & pattern which still provides the basis for the majority of her work. The kind of printing she is inspired by is drawn from her continual exploration of the silkscreen process & the random hiccups and happy accidents that happen within this.

I view my approach predominantly as intuitive and informal…to try something and simply see what happens. From this decision an image is released.. then I try something else, layered on top, juxtaposed by colour and texture. If the result is interesting to me, I keep going. If not, I may switch to a fresh piece and come back to it later. Trial and error really, I guess. – Kate Gibb speaking to

After looking at Kate Gibb’s work and her process of using screen printing I’ve actually began looking at the print method in a different light. I’ve only ever used screen printing once before and I found it quite a rigid concept as I was new to the method so followed a step by step very closely. What I have realised is in fact screen printing isn’t just a way of going to print with a final outcome but a method of print experimentation. I think what’s nice about looking at this form of experimentation is I view screen printing as something that is very precious because of how time consuming it is but actually you can print lots of sheets and take each experiment down a different route without ‘ruining’ it, which sometimes holds me back from exploring something. Kate’s work has really inspired me and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the screen print room tomorrow.

Kate Gibb ‘Work In Progress’

For more about Kate and her work, visit her website here.


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