Impression: Printing Research

I think researching into printing quotes was the biggest wake up to reality I’ve ever gotten while in university. With a £500 budget, I was expecting to get quotes come out at around £700 and then we’d have to lower the paper quality or something but that was not the case.

To begin with I looked at two or three websites to get quotes for a perfect bound, 120 page book. The quote above from Book Printing UK for just over £3000 was actually the cheapest response I got. Which had me quite disheartened as working to a budget isn’t something that has ever affected me before, the limit in my projects has always been myself as I’ve been the client.

However I brushed this off and started thinking about over routes. As the Impression Studio had used the Newspaper Club to print our studio manifestos I thought about how we could use the newspaper as an anthology form, so I got a quote for this. Yet again still, over double our budget so it was time to switch tactics all together.

The group had a little convincing from Angharad to actually print and bind the publications ourselves. This would involve the whole studio helping out to print off 300 books but it was something we thought we could do.

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