CIP: Portfolios with Fig Taylor

The Collection brief is in its basic sense is a portfolio representing the work we have done this year. So to give us a greater understanding we had a great lecture from Fig Taylor.

The lecture was filled with her experiences with portfolios and general great advice, so below are some of the key things I picked up and will think about for this project and beyond.

  • Include work that sells you, your voice, finished illustrations and things you actually enjoy producing.
  • Tutors and employers look at your portfolio for different reasons.
  • Pages should echo each other.
  • Print portfolios should be a3/a4 in order to be portable.
  • Digital portfolios are super important now and need to be easy to use!
  • Take out work that is weak, stylistically misleading, undeliverable, unenjoyable or irrelevant.

Another thing Fig got me thinking about was competitions. I’ve never thought about it due to having a lack of faith in my abilities in regards to illustration but lately I feel I just need to go for it and draw because I’ve hardly drawn while in university and I’m having a life crisis just thinking about it, but I digress.. The whole day really had me think about illustration and how I need to force it into the studio as much as I can and maybe get a group together to work. I might even start taking a sketchbook to work and sit and draw footballers while I’m at work on the weekends.

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