Impression: Anthology Binding

The binding of the anthology is something very strongly related to price and costing. After all on a budget of £500 we can’t have a book binded with gold thread and a hard cover. So this is something that was important to think about.

Our first thoughts was having a staple bound book, or rather books. With the first route being zines it would just make sense for this binding method, as we wanted them to be low cost and no other method would make sense. But after moving away from this idea the binding wouldn’t suit and I believe would cheapen the design of our book.

The next method we considered was perfect binding as it’s fairly cheap when sending a book to print and it’s just a typical book binding that you’d find in a store. Although when going to printers this was still pretty expensive for the limited amount of money we had to spend.

This then took us to screw binding. I had actually never seen anything bound in this way before but it was something Maria was particularly excited about. After having a look at a number of examples I was sold, so I ordered a packet of the screws so we could try it out. We found this method also worked well with our idea of printing and binding everything at the university ourselves.

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