CIP: Pastiche 1560 Idea Change

Sometimes it’s better to start a project over and be happy than spend double the amount of time on your current idea and it never work anyway. This is why I dropped the develop of my Mary Blair pastiche to start a different route altogether.

Basically after finishing my puppets, I found they just didn’t capture the idea I had set my mind on, so I had to find another way to develop a response for the brief. I felt best to form a fresh idea. So I downloaded an animation app on my ipad and then started playing around with it. With the app I found it was only really going to be possible to create a line art animation so as well as a different method of video creating, I also changed the designer. Now I am focused on illustrator Hannah Davies. She’s someone who I’ve known about since my GCSE Art & Design days and I’m really excited with this route. With her work I feel I can really pair it with this animation app as she uses line to create beautifully detailed patterns.

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